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How profitable is cloud mining on Genesis Mining?

last update: 2017/04/24

CurrencyPriceInvestHash Power Return per monthReturn after 2 yearsProfit

Please pay attention, that this calculation is based on a few assumptions:
– Exchange rate (Price) and mining difficulty changes in the future are not priced in, because it is impossible to predict. Instead we assume, that mining difficulty always follows exchange rate – that means if price exchange rate goes up, more miner jump in and the way around.

– Bitcoin mining contract has no specific duration or end date – instead it’s valid until maintainance cost will become higher than mining returns.

– Bitcoin mining contract return per month is already reduced by the maintainance fee ($0.28/day for 1 TH/s) in the table above.

– Calculated Hash Power for $1,000.00 invest assume that you used Promo Codet 2NnovD in order to achieve a 3% discount.

What is Genesis Mining?

Genesis Mining is a cloud mining provider for many crypto currencies that is an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. As a customer you buy mining contracts which guarantees hashpower for a period of time. Their service was founded by the end of 2013 and with now over 500.000 users it’s the world‘s leading multi-algorithm cloud mining service.


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